Alfalfa Selection

Roed Seed Sales is a proud provider of the Legacy Seeds Alfalfa line, the only privately-owned alfalfa breeding program left in the industry. Legacy Seeds is the only company with StandLife Genetics® protection against multiple strains of Aphanomyces Race 2 for those soils with tougher disease challenges.

Legacy Seeds


  • Highly Digestible with APH2
  • New and Limited! HD® variety with StandLife Genetics® traits
  • Highest Yielding HD® variety in Legacy alfalfa line-up
  • Top product for highest profitability
  • Holds exceptional forage quality, even in delayed harvest
  • FD 4.3, WSI 21.8, DRI 34/35


  • HD® variety with strongest winter survival
  • Aggressive harvestability
  • High forage yield with HD quality
  • Moderate Resistance to Aphanomyces Race 2
  • FD 4.7, WSI 1.4, DRI 33/35


  • Delivers top forage yields on tough soilds
  • Branch Rooted alfalfa
  • Strong winter survival and persistence
  • FD 4.5, WSI 1.9, DRI 35/35


  • Roundup Ready® Alfalfa
  • Roundup Ready® variety for longer season harvest
  • Improved yield and forage quality
  • Stem Nematode resistant
  • Exceptional disease resistance
  • FD 5.0, WSI 1.4, DRI 30/30


  • Roundup Ready® Alfalfa
  • Roundup Ready® variety with improved yield and forage quality
  • Versatile on most soil types
  • Stem Nematode resistant
  • Great weed control option
  • FD 4.3, WSI 1.8, DRI 30/30