Soybean Selection

Roed Seed Sales takes pride in every seed we sell, that’s why we offer a wide range of Asgrow seeds, LG Seeds, Legacy Seeds and Golden Harvest Soybean Seeds. With a variety of size and treatment options, we will help you ensure your season pays off. Contact us today to get Roed Seed Sales selection of seeds in the ground! Click on the brands below to see what varieties we carry.

Asgrow Seeds


  • Relative maturity: 0.05
  • Strong emergence with good plant height on heavier soils.
  • Resistance to soybean cyst nematode.
  • Broad Phytophthora protection from the Rps1c gene and good field tolerance.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.08
  • Medium tall plant with good standability and good growth on heavier soils.
  • Resistance to soybean cyst nematode.
  • Rps1c gene for resistance to Phytophthora rot.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.09
  • Medium bushy plant type is suited for wide or narrow row spacing.
  • Maintains good height on heavier soils.
  • Phytophthora protection from the Rps1c resistance gene.
  • Good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.09
  • Medium tall plant with strong emergence and very good standability.
  • Phytophthora rot protection from the Rps1k gene.
  • Tolerance to white mold.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.1
  • Medium tall plant with strong emergence and full canopy.
  • Phytophthora protection from the Rps1c resistance gene and and field disease tolerance.
  • Resistance to soybean cyst nematode.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.2
  • Medium-tall plant with good standability.
  • Multi-race Phytophthora root rot protection from the Rps1c resistance gene.
  • Tolerance to white mold and brown stem rot.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.3
  • Bushy, medium height plant that stands well.
  • Good tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis.
  • Phytophthora disease package includes Rps1cmajor gene resistance and above average field tolerance.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.4
  • Strong defensive package against Phytophthora rot.
  • Moderate tolerance to white mold.
  • Intermediate level tolerance to SCN.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.5
  • Medium-tall plant with good canopy cover.
  • Rps3a resistance gene for broad protection against Phytophthora rot.
  • Resistance to SCN.
  • Excellent tolerance to brown stem rot.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.5
  • Medium height plant with strong emergence and good standability.
  • Excellent protection against Phytophthora rot.
  • Moderate tolerance to white mold.


  • Relative Maturity: 0.6
  • Medium to medium tall plant with good standability.
  • SCN resistance.
  • Excellent Phytophthora disease package with the Rps1c gene and high-level field tolerance.
  • Above average tolerance to white mold.

Golden Harvest


  • Proven yield leader with broad adaption
    Maturity: 0.05
  • Very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • Strong Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance with the Rps1c gene
  • Solid emergence with excellent Scleractinia White Mold tolerance


  • Consistent performance under stress or ideal conditions
  • Maturity: 0.08
  • Large plant type and strong stress tolerance allow placement on drought-prone acres
  • Excellent Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance allows placement on high pH soils
  • Works well when used as an early season product


  • Early roundup ready to extend product with broad adaptation
  • Maturity: 0.06
  • Excellent choice to move south of zone
  • Great standability with strong tolerance to Scleractinia White Mold
  • Rps1c gene with above average field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot


  • Rps3a phytophthora root rot gene with exceptional yield
  • Maturity: 0.09
  • Outstanding Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • Dependable emergence for planting into cool soils
  • Great choice for narrow rows with exceptional standability


  • Early yield leader with strong agronomics for the whole family
  • Maturity: 0.1
  • Broadly adapted across soil types with best performance on fine-textured soils
  • Very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • Excellent defense against Phytophthora Root Rot


  • Strong disease package delivers consistent performance
  • Maturity: 0.3
  • Good choice for poorly drained soils
  • Solid Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • Well suited to fields where Phytophthora Root Rot can be an issue


  • Outstanding iron deficiency chlorosis tolerance with top yields
  • Maturity: 0.3
  • Performance across soil types and weather patterns allows broad placement
  • Moderate plant height with good canopy closure
  • Works well in all row widths


  • Yield leader with strong stress tolerance
    Maturity: 0.6
  • Bred to perform on tougher, coarse-textured soils
  • Rps3a gene provides superior control against Phytophthora Root Rot
  • Very good standability


  • Solid agronomics with SCN resistance
  • Maturity: 0.7
  • Strong tolerance to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
  • Stands well with dependable Scleractinia White Mold tolerance
  • Rps1c gene with solid field tolerance to Phytophthora Root Rot


  • Soybean cyst nematode resistance with top-end yield
  • Maturity: 0.6
  • Very good Iron Deficiency Chlorosis tolerance
  • Excellent emergence for a fast start
  • Very strong standability for ease of harvest


  • Well suited for highly productive soils
  • Maturity: 0.8
  • Outstanding tolerance to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
  • Rps1c gene with strong Phytophthora field tolerance
  • Performs well in all soil types and yield environments

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Legacy Seeds


  • Maturity: 0.5
  • Strong variety in soybean package for northern North Dakota and Minnesota
  • Defensive iron chlorosis tolerance is about average
  • Outstanding emergence
  • Just think early + tough + yield
  • Good height on this early variety


  • Maturity: 0.6
  • Raises the bar for yield in 00.6-00.8 maturity
  • Awesome on white mold, very good IDC, excellent stem strength, this soybean has it all!
  • Replaces LS-00737 and LS-00835N for yield and defense
  • Top-notch emergence and standability
  • Strong contender in high yield environments
  • Handles stress environments


  • Maturity: 0.8
  • Solid 00.8 soybean, earliest Enlist E3 in the industry
  • Maintain yield in multiple environments
  • Very good in tough soils
  • Ideal fit for northern tier counties in North Dakota and Minnesota
  • Medium height and width


  • Yields like a Mid-Group 0 at a 0.2 maturity
  • Medium height makes it will suited for high yield environments
  • Very strong defense and drought tolerance
  • Will be a great fit as part of a variety package all along the Hwy 2 corridor in North Dakota
  • Good plant size with some width and branching


  • Maturity: 0.3
  • Two-year yield data out yields all single-trait soybeans!
  • Impressive offensive yield potential
  • Average resistance to IDC, put on all but toughest soils


  • Maturity: 0.3
  • New Enlist E3 for the 2020 soybean planting season!
  • IDC + SCN makes for a solid fit in Legacy's Enlist E3 lineup
  • Improved yields over all LL lines 0.3 and earlier!
  • Very good standing bean that handles stress
  • Nice fall appearance in the field


  • Maturity: 0.3
  • 2016 and 2017 yields have farmers wanting more
  • Rps3a for phytophthora
  • Stands great, very branchy, compact plant type
  • Withstands white mold prone environments well
  • Versatile soybean for all soil types


  • Maturity: 0.4
  • Out-yields all LL lines 0.4 and earlier
  • Two years of research trials show strong yield performance
  • Fits variable to very good soil types
  • Strong emergence for reduced tillage and early planting
  • Best suited for IDC soils


  • Maturity: 0.4
  • Very impressive yields in 2017
  • Has shown to turn on the bushels in high yield areas
  • Carries strong lateral branches to work in wide or narrow rows
  • Excellent emergence and standability will bring in strong yields
  • Very good natural phytophthora tolerance


  • Maturity: 0.6
  • IDC + SCN + yield makes for wild spread plantability
  • Branches well to compensate for all row widths
  • Fits tough soils all the way up to the best soils
  • Very good yield stability
  • Best positioned in western corn belt states


  • Maturity: 0.6
  • Most defensive RR2X in Mid-Group 0
  • Excellent while mold tolerance
  • Strong natural phytophthora tolerance
  • Exceptional stress tolerance for good soil type adaptability
  • Defensive characteristics makes this variety almost unstoppable!


  • Maturity: 0.7
  • Tough, rugged, Late- Group 0 soybean
  • Lots of height with good branching
  • Strong main stem keeps plants upright in all kinds of conditions
  • Excellent field tolerance to phytophthora root rot
  • Handles stress environments


  • Maturity: 0.7
  • Upper tier of yields trails in North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin
  • Excellent emergence and stress scores for all soil types
  • Very good white mold and BSR tolerance
  • Excellent control of PRR with strong field tolerance
  • “Rock Solid” performance


  • Maturity: 0.8
  • Out-yields all LL lines 0.8 and earlier
  • Tough defense, great standability
  • Can be planted in wide variety of soils
  • In the absence of high SCN, this Enlist E3 is hard to beat
  • Uniform look down the row


  • Maturity: 0.8
  • Excellent emerging variety for reduced tillage practices
  • Strong performance in North dakota IDC areas plus will move east well
  • Good brown stem rot and white mold control
  • Excellent field tolerance to phytophthora root rot
  • Handles stress environments

LG Seeds


  • Maturity: 0.6
  • Good candidate for northern iron deficiency chlorosis acres
  • Thin-line, medium height plants have excellent emergence and very good standability
  • Very good white mold scores and resistance to phytophthora root rot
  • Soybean Cyst Nematode protection


  • Maturity: 0.08
  • Stable performance and high yield potential
  • Excellent emergence and very good standability
  • Multi-genetic resistance to Phytophthora Root Rot, Soybean Cyst Nematode resistance
  • Maintains plant height to provide excellent stress tolerance


  • Maturity: 0.08
  • A key line in this maturity with very strong yield potential
  • Medium tall, thin-line plants have the height to handle the northern stress environments
  • Very good IDC scores highlight superior BSR, PRR, SCN and White Mold characterizations
  • Provides Rps1k gene and good field tolerance for added PRR protection


  • Maturity: 0.09
  • Medium tall, thin-line plants extend the pod set well above the ground
  • Brown stem rot resistant for added protection in bean-on-bean acres
  • Very good IDC and white mold tolerance scores and provides very good PRR protection
  • Responsive to enhanced yield management systems


  • Maturity: 0.1
  • High yield potential – the soybean for North Dakota and Northern Minnesota!
  • A taller, thin-line plant style handles northern soil well
  • Resistance to phytophthora root rot coupled with strong IDC, BSR, and white mold tolerance
  • Excellent drought and stress tolerance


  • Maturity: 02
  • Excellent scores against IDC
  • No gene for resistance to the soybean cyst nematode
  • Resistance to phytophthora root rot and brown stem rot; highly tolerant to white mold
  • Excellent option for sands and silt-based soils


  • Maturity: 0.3
  • Excellent results over a wide range of soil and yield environments
  • Showy plant with lots of lateral branching loaded with pods
  • Resistance to SCN and PRR, very good tolerance to IDC, and good ratings against BSR and white mold
  • Has the ability to move west into drought stressed environments


  • Maturity: 0.4
  • Broadly adapted with top end yield potential
  • Provides good plant height with good standability
  • Very good scores against IDC, and solid for white mold and BSR, SCN and PRR resistance
  • Good option on drought stressed acres and on variable soils


  • Maturity: 0.5
  • Fantastic yield potential
  • Medium statured plants have excellent emergence and standability
  • Solid IDC and white mold scores compliment resistance to SCN and Phytophthora
  • Has the plant height for good performance on tough acres


  • Maturity: 0.7
  • Strong candidate for iron deficiency chlorosis soils
  • Very good white mold tolerance
  • Resistance to brown stem rot and soybean cyst nematodes
  • Excellent emergence and stress tolerance